Discover: © Hemyca

"Hemyca" Britain's junior design label is really pushing the envelope of unique tailoring for Fall 2009. I find myself captivated by the new luxury brand and appreciate the specialty detailing in the embellishment of the typical female form. I am mainly moved by independent and “avant garde“ designers who have something unique to showcase, and whom bend the rules of classic shapes... Hemyca has accomplished that very brilliantly.

♥ x styliiista


Brandi said...

You are so amazingly talented :)
I had to comment on your layouts...especially your Blog Header. It looks phenominal, and thank you for showing me so much love! I am honored!!! You are a star and have a unique skill that not one person can match or "try" and bite!

Keep doing you! Future Mag Editor! I am always inspired.


Styliiista said...

Aww! thank you for the love and the insight, beautiful girl. U have always been a muse and therefore, you have to always be in the equation... xoxoxo!