My Beautiful Supporters...

Dear my dedicated followers, please accept my apologies for not blogging as frequently as I would like to. We have entered the Spring season, and I've come to terms with the idea that my blog needs a makeover. In this discovery, I have been looking for ways to differentiate my blog identity from all the other fashion-related blogs in the blogosphere... and want to make very clear that the 'Styliiista' journey is about highlighting these findings and predictions. I fully support the theory in practicing "quality versus quantity" thus work hard to ensure my blog reflects a more tailored experience. All of the global trend forecasting updates, and discoveries I record are to share inspiration. I've decided to blend style elements into professional layouts, to express my vision and talent. I have become extremely passionate about re-creation and originality. These artistic layouts I document from various designers collections are put into collage form and are a new priority in every Styliiista archive. All written and visual content is representative of the (6) years experience I have as a stylist, creative director, designer, and writer, which I post to translate for the people. I feel it's important to make my blog a bit more personal. And through this medium, I hope you are influenced in your own unique capacity and budget. Thank you for the support and love people! xoxoxox!!! ♥

♥ xx styliiista xx

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