TOPshop New York Opening!

Well it's about time Topshop made it to New York! Many of us have been awaiting this moment for nearly a year (since the original talk about it last spring) and it's delay in opening at the Soho location in early October 2008. Well now it is finally time... Topshop New York is officially here! I located these snapshots from one of my favorite streetstyle blogs: Stylesight: I am just as excited to see Topshop New York in the flesh, as everyone else. Yet I'll have to wait till next month... (As I'm in London currently) and although I have access to the best location: Topshop Oxford Street Station shop, I wonder how it will differ from NY. This should be a fun discovery. x

♥ x styliiista

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Shae Acopian Detar said...

i'm super excited about this too!! been waiting for years! :)

<3 from shae (from lullie vintage and www.everythingstyle.com)