Anti-LFW Expectations

Fall 2009 and London Fashion Week is always a very surprising and exciting time. One guarantee is that it will never fail to exceed your expectations. The latest and greatest at LFW can be slight challenging to slim down, not only because there are so many top pickings, but mainly because you always discover such a mash-up of talent and edge. Designers at LFW tend to think a bit more outside the box, to the sometimes almost too conservative collections you will find at Milan and New York Fashion Week. Charles Anastase takes a plunge into the unknown, and extends his trend forecasting ideals to a whole new extreme. This is what I ♥ to engage myself in! Let's take a peek at the designers that make a difference, it's so much more interesting... Anastase went less whimsical than his Spring 2009 choices... and far further left than I anticipated... interrogating the idea of gothic-influencing. I enjoy Anastase either way, and support his decisions as a well-respected designer. Here are just a few highlights.....

♥ x styliiista x

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