Ritual + Ceremony

Pre-orders await the hungry consumer for these to nearly to die-for Buckle Boots by Chloe Sevigny at a retail price of $625. These are one of the hottest pairs of boots on the planet right now. Not to mention, just in time for Spring meanwhile, quite ahead of the curve for Fall 09. Just our luck. Opening Ceremony boutique's LA [Flagship] store has them locked down. So for those of you that can't quite possibly miss out on the first batch order, standby and hold your breath for (10) seconds... now think again. If you're certain you must have these... save yourself the disappointment. These lookers may be gone quicker that we may be prepared to deal with. In which case, there's always still a few 'like' alternatives. So don't pout and cry yet. FYI: | unfortunately, upon further research I see pre-orders must have been placed by May 20th with a delivery of late August or September. :( Even more reason to blog about the similar boot styles, like that of "Surface 2 Air." | We certainly have missed the pre-order deadline for these Buckle Boots. But this isn't the end. They will have to make re-orders... and at that point, the hype....well just may as well be gone by then. See, there are sometimes happy endings. More ritual's to look forward to. xx

♥ xoxo Styliiista

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