Footwear Obsession-

Whatever your obsession this fall..make it count. Go hard, or go home. In this interpretation, go for what makes you feel bold, confident, and stand apart from a crowd and by all means let go of the color coordination. This spring season florals, print, and textures layer and overlap...it is okay to test the product before you step outside. My obsession clearly lies in bootie length platforms, multi-straps, lace-up, cutouts, flaps, fur, texture, and lace. These A/W 09 collections by Louboutain, Christian Dior, Mila Schohn, & Givenchy gives my obsession even more life. Encourage yourself to pick something you ♥ best about fall 09, and make it your signature 'make it count' piece. After all obsessions need an outlet. x

♥ x Styliiista

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