Hazy Shades of Gray

Brazilian designer Lerario Beatriz has a theme in mind for his resort 2010 collection. This look book is quite gray and washed out yet a rare reflection for a summer look. Although, it's simple and delicate enough to grab my attention. I'm a fan of the denim acid washed jackets very reminiscent of washes from the early 90's and late 80's...of which I am not typically inspired by. However, there is something magnetizing about the faded, over-processed looking imagery in this set. I can appreciate Lerario's design theory, as it isn't too far out there to conceptualize placement in any modern boutique. It's an soft and edgy approach to a resort 2010 collection and the colors remind me a bit of London. All very clean with tons of editorial appeal.

♥ xxx Styliiista

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