Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson-

Michael Jackson was elected 1st most charitable human being ever in the Guiness book of world records. May God Bless him and his family. There is a feeling of sadness in my heart at his departure...every childhood musical memory I have is wrapped around the legend that is "MJ." A piece of my life has been etched away and cannot be replaced. It's like a vase that breaks a few times, get's glued back together to then discover the final time that there is no more fixing it. It just is. Sometimes you just have to let things go. I will miss the magical energy of Michael Jackson. I know that in my lifetime, there won't be anyone 'Greater'. If while there was still more time, MJ could have established the very first [ever to exist] android clone of himself...Imagine. Then we could at least live on knowing that Michael Jackson had the capacity to live forever. Yet and still his spirit will always live through his music but now there is a future gap. To hear that Michael Jackson died still doesn't register to my 'general thinking'...it has literally taken me extended days to grasp on the reality that MJ no longer exists in the physical plane. He has moved on having reached his mastered evolution and the highest level of ascension. I believe MJ now has the gift of ultimate peace and infinite bliss, and so I praise his music, and celebrate his life, his gifts, and contributions to humanity... A blessed and enriched life is to have lived knowing you were personally influenced, and affected by the gift of Michael Jackson. Thank you God. May he forever rest in Peace. xxxx we have another angel to add to the 1,111,000. xx

♥ xx Styliiista xx

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