Latest Tah Mac Collaboration-

"California" Feat: Tah Mac, Tony Deniro & Keely Julian

Oh dear. Here I am. In the middle of a million and one places. In spaces, and places, bound by time. To me, this moment is about conquering. Making the most of my creativity, by being as productive as I can humanly handle, given the constraints of our daily time. In the past weeks, I've accumalated a massive portfolio of images which I will share soon.... but for now, ENJOY these endearing snapshots of the latest viral project I worked on: (costume designer: custom vintage army jackets, jewelry design, and styling Tah Mac.)

Mr. Deniro rocking my custom feather tie clip.

Tah Mac (signed to Warner Brother US) in his hellofa stage performance, for his newest music video "California." Filmed by the MOST amazing cinematographer "Tani Ikeda" and her phenomenal team of production talent. Video featuring: Tony Deniro (guitar) and Keely Julian (chorus) ♥

Thank you for the LOVE, and the eternal support!
Hearts and Sunbeams!!

♥ Styliiista xxxxx

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