VII VICTORY Jewelry x Tah Mac "California"

There's much to be said about iconic music, fashion, and the art of entertainment. Certainly Tah Mac knows how to dazzle a crowd and light an audience into hypnosis with his intensive high energy performance, and undeniable Brooklyn swagger! There's nothing that I love more than masterminding a creative direction for a campaign that evokes fashion influence, period pieces, and customized ensembles fused between rock-in-roll and vintage. I've styled the perfect artist canvas for quite the crossover rhythmic producer\artist Tah Mac who undoubtedly owns a musical lane of his own in hiphop. So proud and fortunate to have contributed to the phenomenal works of LA's own genius director\cinematographer "Tani Ikeda" she is one of the best and one to keep a close watch for.

"California" Video: Directed by: Tani Ikeda
Styled by: Ja'Niya Walker @Styliiista
Artist(s): Tah Mac Feat: Keely Julian & Tony Deniro (aka: Mr. Deniro)
♥ ♥ ♥ xxxx

VII VICTORY jewelry worn by Tah Mac, Mr. Deniro, and Keely Julian.... thank you in advance for the love and support! ♥

Love & Light,

Styliiista xxx

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