TOPshop is coming to NYC!!

Topshop is finally coming to New York October 2008! (For some of you, this is an 'old' topic yet, it's still FANTASTIC news!) So the word is, the new Topshop location will be at: 478 Broadway (in SoHo which is currently being occupied as a streetwear shop.) SoHo is among one of my favorite shopping places in new york, aside from williamsburg, brooklyn.

Here are some of my Topshop fav's for Fall:

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com ((yum! just yum!))

So with that said, I'm extremely excited about this Topshop discovery (since I'll be spending a lot of time in New York this fall.) Topshop London is TRULY to die for, with their 'vintage findings at the Oxford Street shop. (I'll be visiting that location and taking lots of snapshots there as well, pictures soon to come.) So with Topshop opening in New York, do you know what this means for us Americans? We get to have the concepts of U.K fashion right at our fingertips (without having to make a trip overseas.) LOVELY! waaaahooo! ;-)

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