Yelle: The French Wonder...

In my opinion, it's all about space kadet and iconic styling in music and entertainment if you want to set the pace as a trendsetter... (& sell some records lol) Yelle and her french-pop music video is truly 'over-the-top' amazing from an editorial-inspired angle! Sort of reminds me of magazines like: I-D, and Clear. Have a peek for yourself: Yelle uses such strategic elements in her styling from her makeup, hair, wardrobe, art direction, poses, and movements which completely captures her image (which fits impeccably for her sound). She's a manufactured product perfect for her Euro-Pop audience. Bravo! I absolutely adore all of the colors and textures, the puff sleeve dresses, and shoes are all TO die for (as in spend ALL of your money!) lol! So, if you don't know about "yelle" get to know, she *is* the truth, in POP culture.

♥ x styliiista

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